Linking Affiliates and Shops

Performance overview

If you want to use influencers as affiliates, Shop-Link is the solution for you. The app tracks discount-codes and provide reports both for the store and the influencers.
A dashboard gives you a great overview of

Easy setup

Just add an influencer and link it to a new discount code and you will start to see the performance for every sale where the discount code is used. To enable the influencer to see the performance and manage the invoicing, just share a generated link with them.


Shoplink makes it easy for the influencer to generate and send invoices. The invoice is created based on the actual recorded data, so there's no need to manually work out what the influencer should be paid. The generated invoice will automatically appear in the app on the shopify dashboard, and a copy will be sent to the store owner. The money will be paid straight to the influencer's account when it's paid by the store.

How it works


The use of the platform is free for influencers and affiliates. There is however a 3% payment processing fees on payments coming through the platform.

Please look at the shopify app store for pricing for shop owners